The Whispers of God

At the beginning of each year somehow we inevitably turn to new goals, new dreams, new aspirations and not least in connection to our relationship with God. How many times have we vowed:

" I want to read my Bible more this year."

" I want to get closer to God."

" I want to know God's plan for my life." ?

Noble desires indeed. They all point to greater intimacy with the Almighty.

Intimacy implies a certain kind of conversation. For those with whom we are intimate, we are usually so physically close that there is no need for loud communication. Likewise, though God's voice is like thunder, there are times when He does whisper. Only those who are really close can hear Him.

When does God whisper and how can we hear Him? Look out for more questions like this and the answers in our upcoming publication: Golden Apples.


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  1. SL

    Interesting. Can’t wait to read “Golden Apples”

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