Conquering the Flesh

Man finds enjoyment in the things of the flesh when he has not died sufficiently to that flesh in order to touch the realm of the spirit. Once we recognize that we are in essence spirit beings like our Creator in whose image we are made, we will move heaven and earth to experience that for which our heart cries out-intimacy with the Sovereign God.

What would you say if the kind of euphoria that carnival revelers claim to experience, the level of intoxication that drives an addiction which keeps them going back for more year after year, can be had by other self-respecting means?

Man's desire for pleasure is not hedonistic, it is inborn, it is natural, it was meant to be. However, something went wrong with the wiring that put the spirit part out of whack with the true Spirit- the source of all enjoyment. When one part is missing others tend to compensate and that's what manifests in vulgar behavior. Man seeks pleasure that he intrinsically knows he is supposed to have by over-stimulation of the flesh resulting in an end product that is most times self-destructive.

The remedy is re-connection with the Spirit man which grants inclusion into a circuit of worship. Worship that ignites euphoria that defies description, fullness of joy and pleasures forevermore!

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