Habakkuk Publishing Policy

Publishing a book can be a time consuming process. First there is the writing. Then there is the editing. Editing may entail one or even more than one revision. After editing it goes to be formatted, images and tables or any other non-text must be inserted and it is put in a state of readiness for printing.
For the cover and graphics you the author will be asked what are your wishes and be given a chance to choose among options. You will have the final say, as long as your wishes are practically possible given the technicalities of printing and once you are prepared to absorb extra costs which may be incurred. A sample copy without the cover will be given to the author for his/her perusal before the final printing.
Habakkuk Publishing Company (HPC hereafter) offers a package which includes
1. Editing
2. Cover Design
3. Graphics
4. Two (2) complimentary copies of the book
5. Having your book on AMAZON
6. Inclusion in all HPC advertising and promotions.
The first three (3) items can be done by the author, however, HPC reserves the right to refuse to publish any work that does not meet its standards. The package above does not include mass production of the book. The price per item will be assessed and given at the time of the final printing. Author from thence forth will order on request and pay accordingly. The minimum order is 100 copies.

The publishing process is as follows:-

A/ Read the Habakkuk Publishing Company’s (HPC hereafter) policy on publishing titled: HABAKKUK’S PUBLISHING POLICY.
B/ If you agree to the policy and would like us to view your manuscript, then sign and send to us together with the manuscript.
C/ Hard copy of manuscript (hand written or type-written) can be posted or brought to office of HPC. Electronic copy can be emailed (zipped if bulky) to jacqueline@habakkukpublishing.com.

D/ Your submitted manuscript can receive one (1) of three responses:
I. Acceptance
II. Recommendation for change and re-submission.
III. Returned. If we believe the material is not in keeping with our vision, or if the required changes are too many to make it worth our while to make recommendations.
E/ HPC reserves the right to refuse any manuscript that is not consistent with the philosophy of the organization or that requires such drastic revision as to constitute a rewrite.

F/ If your manuscript has been accepted, complete and return the ABOUT MY MANUSCRIPT questionnaire.
G/ The marketing of the book is not the responsibility of HPC, but advice and referrals can be given on request.

A deposit must be made (usually one third (1/3) of total cost) before editing can begin. All monies must be paid before final edition is handed over either to you (if we are not the publishers) or for final printing.
I ____________________________have read and understood the above HABAKKUK EDITING POLICY
and I am willing to enter into an agreement to have my work published by the HPC.