Editing Only Service

Habakkuk Publishing Company offers the services of publishing and editing. If you already have a publisher and would only like your work to be edited, the following outlines the process to do so:
1. Read the Habakkuk Publishing Company’s (HPC hereafter) policy on editing titled: HABAKKUK’S EDITING POLICY.
2. If you agree to the policy and would like us to view your manuscript, then sign and send to us together with the manuscript.
3. Hard copy of manuscript (hand written or type-written) can be posted or brought to office of HPC. Electronic copy can be emailed (zipped if bulky) to jacqueline@habakkukmaterials.com . All hard copies will be returned when editing is completed.
4. Your submitted manuscript can receive one (1) of three responses:
I. Acceptance
II. Recommendation for change and re-submission.
III. Returned. If we believe the material is not in keeping with our vision, or if the required changes are too many to make it worth our while to make recommendations.
5. HPC reserves the right to refuse any manuscript that is not consistent with the philosophy of the organization or that requires such drastic revision as to constitute a rewrite.
6. If your manuscript has been accepted, complete and return the ABOUT MY MANUSCRIPT questionnaire.
7. Receive a tentative estimate depending on the type of editing that needs to be done.
8. Enter into agreement with the editor to trust his/her skills and judgement regarding the best way to arrange the text.